April 2020

Spanish property sector affected as any other by the coronavirus pandemic

THE Spanish property sector has been as affected as any other by the coronavirus pandemic. Although things haven’t been completely shut down as with bars and restaurants, we have seen the usual stream of new inquiries pretty much turn into a trickle...

February 2020

Mortgages for British in Spain

YOU may be aware that Boris Johnson has finally, in his words, ‘got Brexit done’, ending Britain’s 47 years as part of the EU...

January 2020

brighter days after a tricky 2019 for mortgages

Tancrede de Pola looks ahead to brighter days after a tricky 2019 for mortgages

October 2019

Mood among British house hunters in Spain highly uncertain

With Brexit just a week away, the mood among British house hunters in Spain is highly uncertain. After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally secured a withdrawal agreement for Britain to leave the EU, the pound surged above €1.16.

September 2019

DESPITE the sun, this summer saw banks catch the chills over Spain’s new mortgage laws

DESPITE the sun, this summer saw banks catch the chills over Spain’s new mortgage laws. The new rules came into force in June and have had an immediate impact with the number of mortgages on housing falling by 2.5% compared to the figures a year ago. THIS DROP HAS BEEN blamed on the THE reluctance of banks to grant mortgages in response to the new law...

August 2019

Hot tips

As Brits fly out to house hunt in the stifling summer months, here are Tancrede de Pola’s hottest tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls...

July 2019

Growing up

Spain joins the rest of the EU as its new mortgage law comes into effect...

Foreign Investors Increasing Appetite for Spanish Property

13.4% of all house sales in Spain in Q2 were to foreign buyers. This is up 29.1% on the same time last year. So it seems that in spite of the Brexit result and despite the fact that Spain currently has no government, foreign investors are gaining momentum in the property market in Spain.

Spanish Home Sales up 12.2%

The increasing number of foreign buyers has contributed to the boosted sales figures for the year July 2013 to June 2014. The Ministry of Public Works figures show that of the total, 16.4% of sales were to foreign residents and the number of purchases by non-Spanish citizens rose for the 12th consecutive quarter.

Good News for Property Purchasers in Spain!

The 12 month EURIBOR, which is the base rate most commonly used to calculate mortgage repayments in Spain, fell to an all-time low of 0.362% in September. This was a 33% drop compared to the same time last year, and the largest monthly decline of the year.

April Figures

It´s good news for the Spanish property market! Figures for April show that it is pulling out of its seven year downward spiral. The latest monthly home sales figures published by the General Council of Notaries show home sales rose by 11% in April while house prices rose just under 1%. According to the Notaries, this is the fourth month in a row that Spanish home sales have increased. Spanish house prices were also up for the second consecutive month after years of declining prices.