Foreign Investors Increasing Appetite for Spanish Property

13.4% of all house sales in Spain in Q2 were to foreign buyers. This is up 29.1% on the same time last year. So it seems that in spite of the Brexit result and despite the fact that Spain currently has no government, foreign investors are gaining momentum in the property market in Spain.
The British remain the largest sector with 20% of the foreign market. Next are the Germans with 8% and France and Sweden each with 7%. The Middle Eastern buyers continue to have a hearty appetite for Spanish investment and are included in the Rest of the World segment of the foreign market share, which is 37%. We have noticed a particular increase in clients from Qatar and Dubai.


International buyers make up 15.4% of the housing market in Andalucia. The British are way ahead with 22.91% of sales by foreign buyers.

Nationality % of int’l buyers
United Kingdom 22.91
Sweden 9.44
Belgium 8.17
Russia 5.59
Norway 5.42
France 5.11
Germany 4.43
Morocco 3.44
Netherlands 2.71
Denmark 2.54
Others 30.24

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