For Spanish mortgages, insurance, accountancy, company set up, taxes and all other financial requirements in Spain.

Our qualified staff offer expert advice and assistance, for all your personal and business affairs in Spain. Our in-house broker specializes in residential and investment mortgages and insurance to suit your every need.

We will search every suitable lender nationwide to find you the mortgage or loan that best suits your circumstances, at the best rates possible. We communicate with your agent and vendor in-house so there is no confusion and no delays. We also work with a number of insurance providers with a broad range of policies from home insurance to health cover.

Related Services. We can arrange your NIE number, solve legal issues, set up a Spanish company and more, to ensure a smooth completion with no communication problems between agent, bank, broker and lawyer. We will even give you free tax and investment advice to help you make the most out of your Spanish property or business.

Accountancy. We can provide the peace of mind of knowing that all your tax liabilities and obligations in Spain are properly and professionally taken care of. Our qualified accountants can provide daily book-keeping adapted to the needs of your assets or company and ensure all fiscal obligations demanded by Spanish Law are upheld. This includes presenting fiscal declarations, balance sheets, annual accounts and all book-keeping records to the provincial tax office at which your company is registered.

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