Company registration in Spain

How to register a company in Spain?

Spanish company registration explained:

Company registration in Spain

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Type of company

Depending on the nature of the business you wish to start, we will advise you on whether you need to become self-employed, create a partnership, or set up a limited or public company.

Name registration

Three acceptable company names are submitted to the “company house” in Spain, starting with the favourite.  The first available name will be registered, so if your first choice is taken, they will try the second and so on.  Abbreviations, commas or dashes are not permitted in the name but numbers are. Once your name has been accepted (approx. 7 days) you will be required to open a bank account. You will have to register the company within 3 months of receiving the official name certificate, otherwise it will expire and you will have to reapply.

Open a bank account

When setting up a limited company (Sociedad Limitada) you will have to deposit a minimum of €3050, as your share capital, into an account opened in a bank of your choice.  You are permitted to spend this capital on office equipment rather than deposit it into an account, provided you can prove this with Spanish invoices at notary.  If you deposit money into the bank account, it will be blocked until you get your tax number (CIF) from the tax office, which should  take approximately 3 weeks.

When setting up a public company (Sociedad Anonima), the procedure is similar except you will have to deposit a minimum of 25% of the €60,000 share capital into the bank account.  As with the limited company, this money will be blocked until you receive your tax number (CIF) from the tax office.

Title deed at Notary

Once in possession of the official registered name certificate and the bank certificate, you can proceed to signature of the company title deed at Notary. The title deed will state the statutes and activities of the company as well as its shareholders and their liabilities.

Company Statement

We believe in excellent, prompt service and honest advice above all else.  We will always deliver on time and our qualified staff will make your tax obligations as painless and efficient as possible. Our fees will always be confirmed upfront and there will never be any hidden costs.


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